Full-stack JavaScript Magic!

Meteor is a full-stack web platform designed for the JavaScript age.

Development and Engineering Services

npm meteor Meteor is a platform with the mission of unifying modern JavaScript tools and technologies around a single bundle that simplifies the developer workflow to great extents.

Much like Ruby on Rails, Meteor helps us focus solely on the business case and the requirements of our clients.
Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Meteor is reactive and data driven by essence thanks to its DDP (Distributed Data Protocol) technology.

Meteor runs on top of Node (and since Meteor 1.4 on node 4) and uses MongoDB for persistence, which makes it perfectly suitable for scalability and asynchrone multi-threaded data processing.

Thinking about migrating your app or building your next big idea using Meteor?
Our team can assist you:

  • Identifying needs and specifications for critical real-time data flows
  • Defining the appropriate JavaScript stack composition and requirements
  • Estimating the required software complexity and resources needed to sustain the forecasted user load

Meteor DevOps Services

galaxy Beside our software engineering services, we can intervene partially or globally at different stages of your DevOps operations.

From environment and server configuration, staging, production, diagnosing performance issues to backing up your data, our team puts its professional knowledge of the Meteor eco-system at your service.

We also provide offer of services for outsourcing the management of your Galaxy PaaS instances, including deployment and monitoring operations.

Related projects

These are some projects developed for our clients in Meteor. For more projects, visit our Portfolio section.

exentriq ema


Exentriq is an online collaboration platform for marketers and communication professionals.
We developed in Meteor several core components of the project management layer in Exentriq 3.0, including a forked version of WeKan fully integrated with NodeRED within the Exentriq platform.



Wheritics is an enterprise grade Real-Time Location System (RTLS) deisgned for occupant safety and asset security.
The Wheritics platform consists of several Meteor and non-Meteor micro-services communicating with each other, and connected to a fleet of IoT devices inclduing iBeacons (Bluetooth Low Energy proximity location).

The Wheritics client app allows to monitor occupant location in real-time and dispatch contextual evacuation instructions in case of an emergency.
It is also permenantly connected to the IoT infrastructure for monitoring physical assets such as valuable goods in enterprise buildings or facilities.
Wheritics is a spin-off project that was co-founded by EMIKETIC. It is currently deployed in the Samsung B2B Showroom in the Samsung France HQ in Paris.

nextProtein App

nextProtein Production Management

nextProtein is a French-Tunisian bio-engineering green startup specialized in the sustainable production of insect protein. EMIKETIC developed an in-house application using Meteor, React and React Native for managing and monitoring nextProtein production processes.
The Meteor backend app allows managers to setup process policies and monitor production KPIs in real-time, while the React Native app facilitates the daily tasks of factory staff according to the process.