Coding the right way.

Ruby on Rails is an influential web framework that leverages
the power and elegance of the ruby programming language.

Development and Engineering Services

ruby on rails Ruby on Rails was invented by David Heinemeier Hansson while developing Basecamp.
It has an extremely agile and developer-friendly approach which combines principle of Convention over Configuration with a rich toolchain of CLI commands and generators.

Most of our team members come from a Rails background.
As of September 2016, EMIKETIC added to its skill-set Rails 5 and its Action Cable framework which complements Rails with the power of web-sockets and real-time communication out of the box.

Thinking about refreshing your outdated Rails project or building a new one from scratch?
Our team can assist you:

  • Designing and/or refactoring your project code base
  • Extending your MVC monolith with RESTful APIs or morph it into a Rails API application (BFF: Backend-for-front-end)
  • Integrating ReactJS to your Rails application front in pair with Active Cable channels

Rails DevOps Services

heroku Beside our software engineering services, we can intervene partially or globally at different stages of your DevOps operations.

From environment and server configuration, staging, production, diagnosing performance issues to backing up your data, our team puts its professional knowledge of the Ruby on Rails eco-system at your service.

We also provide offer of services for outsourcing the management of your Heroku PaaS instances running on AWS, including deployment and monitoring operations.

Related projects

These are some projects developed in Ruby on Rails. For more projects, visit our Portfolio section.

Scale Planning

Scale: Perfective maintenance and Rails performance optimization

Scale is a resource management and time tracking tool for software and digital agencies. Scale is written in Ruby on Rails using a modern and hihgly efficient architecture.
EMIKETIC was in charge of implementing new features, front-end views and performance optimizations for both front-end and backend applications.

Tune My Tape Desktop

Tune My Tape: Rails and Electron

Tune My Tape is a SaaS streaming provider for curated musical playlists airing in premiere retail spaces and boutique hotels.
We implemented several components of the backend such as Stripe payment integration, a RESTful API for desktop clients along with a cross-platform desktop Electron application based on React and the Flux architecture.